Eric Donnelly

As a native of western Massachusetts, Eric grew up with a love of the outdoors, especially forests and trees. Developing an interest in outdoor recreation and conservation early on, he completed the nation’s first long-distance hiking trail, Vermont’s Long Trail, at 16, and spent several seasons thereafter working on trail crews in New England and Montana. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in forestry from the University of Vermont, he worked as a consulting forester in Massachusetts. In addition to his work in forestry, Eric has also been a long-time instructor at a high school outdoor program called “Survival Living.” You will commonly find him whittling, starting fires without matches, and studying up on the uses of trees and plants. He is a nationally recognized EMT, certified in wilderness first aid, and spent several years as a part-time firefighter. Besides sea kayaking, Eric’s favorite outdoor activities include winter hiking, biking, wilderness canoe trips, and whitewater kayaking. He has paddled extensively throughout New England and beyond, and was drawn to the San Juan Islands as a sea kayaking Mecca because of the complex tidal currents, abundant wildlife, and limitless kayak camping opportunities. Eric is looking forward to sharing his love of boats, camping, conservation, and ecology with you!