Humpback Whales!

Well it was a great day to be out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca yesterday. I went out with a good friend of mine who is the owner and captain of Western Prince Cruises ( He has a small group of people to take out and I heard reports of Humpbacks so I was ready to go. It was a nice cruise with light chop over the Canadian side where we passed Victoria Harbor and caught up with a group of 6 Humpbacks. We watched them feed and there were thousands of birds in the area feeding as well. With the added bonus of Stellar Sea Lions also feeding in the area, we got some great looks at those guys. While we were hanging with the Humps we hear there area couple of Transient Orcas in the area. So we head out to take a quick look. There were only two and they were making long dives, we were in light swell, so it was hard to keep track of them. Soon it was time to head back to San Juan Island. On our way we encountered a very active group of Dalls Porpoise. They came over to run the bow of the boat and when we shut the engines down they started speed swimming all around us. It was a great trip, and it goes to show that even though it is late in the season you can still charter a wildlife cruise and see tons of cools things in just a few hours.