West Coast Sea Kayak

I know it is a ways out yet but this event should not be missed. More kayaks than you could ever imagine will be on the beach for demos. There is also a retail section set up with vendors from all over with kayak and other kayak related gear for sale. Not to mention all … Continued


Well the past few day have been crazy here with the weather. Snow fell on the islands this weekend but we were still on the water running kayak tours. Ivan Reiff Captain and Owner of Western Prince was out on the water looking for wildlife and the rare chance to run a tour in the … Continued

What time of year we run kayak tours.

I just wanted to post an update on the times of year that Discovery Sea Kayaks runs kayak tours.  There seems to be a good number of people looking for kayak tours during what we call the shoulder season and off season.  Shoulder season is spring and fall and off season being all winter.  Discovery … Continued

Weekend Forecast Is Looking Good

Well for those in the area and looking for something to do, the weekend forecast is looking great for kayaking! Not much news to report on. I just wanted to put up a couple of pictures for kayak class last night. We had a great time climbing around on the kayaks and working on some … Continued

San Juan Kayaking Fun.

Well I know the forecast was calling for rain, but we had a nice weekend here in Friday Harbor. We have two kayak trips out today and yesterday we were busy with kayak classes at the pool. So the season is here for kayaking and this is a great time to get up here before … Continued

April Showers

Well it is April and yes it is raining on San Juan Island today. Though we are seeing rain we are still running kayak tours. We had a nice busy week last week running Day Kayak Tours and Half Day Kayak Tours. Still a bit chilly for the Sunset Kayak Tours. I Just wanted to … Continued