San Juan Kayaking Fun.

Well I know the forecast was calling for rain, but we had a nice weekend here in Friday Harbor. We have two kayak trips out today and yesterday we were busy with kayak classes at the pool. So the season is here for kayaking and this is a great time to get up here before the summer.

There have been Orca Whales spotted in the area over the past few days. Resident J-pod swam past the Lime Kiln Lighthouse on the west side of San Juan just the other day. Transient Orca Whales have also been moving about the area. Western Prince Whale and Wildlife Tours just started running their boat last week and have been seeing lots of nice wildlife.

Saturday was Sea Kayak Class I day at the gym. It was a lot of fun and we had a full first session and our second session we only had one person. Which was great. Were were able to get a lot done with the one on one instruction.

Hip Snap Practice Working on Hip Snaps using the side of the pool

. Demonstrating Hip Sanps on the side of the pool to get everyone started working on the exercise.

Practicing the Cowboy Rescue.

We had a great time in the pool. Learning some of the foundations such as wet exiting and generally getting used to crawling around on you kayak is pretty comical for everyone. Many laughs shared but a lot has been learned. I look forward to Sea Kayak Class II with this group.