San Juan Island Kayak Tours

March is on it way and before you know it spring will be here.  Multi-Day kayak trips are already booking.  We are excited to hear the phones start ringing as it is a sign that soon summer will be here.  If you are planing on getting on the water for a San Juan Island Kayak Tour, start your preparations now.  Spend three to five days with your guide as you paddle from island to island.  Camping out, eating wonderful and relaxing on the beach with amazing views.  The San Juan Islands offer and amazing experience to the first time kayaker to the old pro’s. Discovery Sea Kayaks guides will develop a route that will take on an adventurous paddle through the island.  Look out for Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals and Ocra Whales.    If you only have a day, check out our Day, Half Day and Sunset Kayak Tours.  Our Guides are all excited to get on the water with a host of new people of the 2009 San Juan Island Kayak Tour Season.  Check out out website and gives us a call.