Pictures from this weekend

It was a nice weekend here on the island. Saturday as very beautiful and Discovery Sea Kayaks was busy on the water. It was nice having multiple trips out on the water and seeing all the guides out working.

I had a 9am Half Day Tour and the Orcas were with us from the start of the day. We headed out slowly making sure there were no whales in shore where we were going to be traveling. So we rafted the kayak in a nice kelp bed and waited to see what was going to happen. I decided after a short time that it was time to move. We headed south along the coast toward the Lime Kiln Lighthouse. Along the way we had to stop and raft up as whales would pass by us. By the time we reached the lighthouse there were more whales. We rafted once again in a nice kelp bed and enjoyed the show. There was plenty of activity from breaching and cartwheeling. It was really a great trip.

Check out some of the pictures.

You can see a large dorsal fin in the background.

Here is a picture of my group for the morning.  Great Trip!

Rafter up doing a bit of whale watching from kayaks here on San Juan Island.

Another pass from the killer whales.

Well I did not get any images of the closer passes or of the breaches.  But memories are what all of us took away from this amazing kayak tour.

The Killer Whales have been in the area and we have been getting great encounters on our Kayak Tours.  So come on out and join a Sea Kayak Tour and let Discovery Sea Kayaks be your guide.