Kayaking with Orcas

Over the last week that I was on the water I had a few great encounters with killer whales. We were always rafted in shore in a kelp bed and we still got some amazing passes. We have also been seeing a lot of salmon in the water. It is pretty cool to see a large run come through and all the salmon running along the surface of the water.

Yesterday was a choppy day out on the water. But we still got to see some cool stuff. An adult Eagle caught a fish and brought it back to the shore. Once it arrived on of the adult Eagles fledglings flew in and took the food. All this took place with us near by. Then later in the day we go to see a few seal pups hauled out on the rock shore.

August is a great month to visit San Juan Island and do some kayak whale watching. Discovery Sea Kayaks West Side Day Tour is your best chance to see orcas from kayaks.

Check out this image from one of my trips last week.