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Here at Discovery we work hard to provide a kayak experience that you are looking for.

Join us for a morning half day kayak tour (Departure Times: 9am and 130pm) and enjoy a taste of the Westside of San Juan Island.  Explore the waters with one of our skilled guides.  Keep your eyes open for dorsal fins..

Want a bit more from the day?  Then join our full day kayak tour.  We depart at 11am and we will have you back in town by 5pm.  Just pack a lunch and join the fun.  This is the classic tour for the San Juan Islands.  Launching from the beautiful Westside of the San Juan Island, we head down the Lime Kiln Lighthouse.  The Lime Kiln State Park is a well know as the best place in the world to see killer whales in the wild.  So we are in a prime area for killer whale encounters.  But do not get hung up on killer whales.  There is tons to see out there.  From Bald Eagles to Harbor Seals, not to mention the beauty of the scenic vistas of the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island.

Looking for a bit more mellow?  Then book a Sunset Tour.  With an evening departure you will see the sun set from your kayak.  This is really a special tour.  With the low light cast across the water and the warm tones of the shoreline cast by the sun.  Not much more I can really say about this tour.  Beautiful and no crowds!

If none of the above fills your adventure needs.  Hop on a multiday kayak tour.  We camp from kayaks and we are completely self supported.  We pack all the food and gear and take off for 2, 3, or even 5 days of kayaking.  Your guide will take care of all the cooking.  We supply your tents and all other camping gear.  This is really an amazing tour.  But they book fast so give us a call soon.

Okay, I have given you a fast rundown of lots of fun you can have on San Juan Island.  Give me a call and lets set up your kayak adventure.