Mountain Bike Tours Chiang Mai Thailand

Discovery Sea Kayaks in launching a new phase of the business, Discovery Adventure Tours (DAT).  DAT will be focused on operating Downhill Mountain Bike Tours in Chiang Mai Thailand.


Guided 5 Day Downhill Mountain Bike Tours

Chiang Mai Thailand


Have you ever wanted to check out warm destination for your winter riding?  Hate the idea of leaving your DH rig at home alone? How about packing it up and heading to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for a 5 day tour of the best DH trails South East Asia has to offer.

Discovery Adventure Tours offers fully guided mountain bike trips to Chiang Mai for those who want a winter escape to tropical paradise. We take care of all the logistics from the time you land until you reluctantly pull yourself away from the epic trails, delicious food, and perfect weather to make sure you spend 5 days focusing on nothing but having the time of your life.

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers the best DH trails in Southeast Asia just minutes outside of the city. Our trips are designed to immerse you in Chiang Mai’s riding scene and inundate you with Thai culture. Featuring 5 days of shuttle accessed riding on Doi Suthep’s best trails, some of which descend over 4000 feet, these trips are sure to please even the most enthusiastic rider. Our tours work with local guides to ensure you get to learn the trails on Doi Suthep from those who know them the best and that we help support the local riding scene.

Mountain Biking is happening in Thailand. All over the country, riders are exploring new trails and people from all over the world are coming to Chiang Mai to experience the best trails Thailand has to offer. Discovery adventure Tours prides itself on offering fully serviced trips to Chiang Mai for 5 days of Downhilling for those who want to test Thai single track and don’t care to fuss over logistics or reservations, taxis or expensive shuttle days. Working with a local shuttle company and using our connections in the city we are able to offer a low cost alternative to the headache of trying to find the right trailhead in the Jungles of Doi Suthep or a comfortable hotel in the city. Make a reservation now if you want a stress free vacation shredding the best single track in Southeast Asia while experiencing some of the best food and culture Chiang Mai has to offer. Come experience South East Asia’s best Downhill trails with Discovery Adventure Tours. From November to March we offer fully guided excursions to Chiang Mai, Thailand where you will experience the best of Thai culture and world class downhill tracks on Doi Suthep, a 1600 meter mountain situated minutes from downtown Chiang Mai.

Let’s walk through the average day of riding in Chiang Mai with Discovery Adventure Tours. Wake up and step out into the glorious morning heat to get some breakfast, Take a walk to the local Wat (temple) or a general stroll about town and then head back to get ready for a day of shredding the trials. We pick you up with your bike loaded up and start the drive to Doi Suthep for a warm-up on some of the lower trails. Maybe grab an ice cold coconut before the next lap since it beats Gatorade any day and head back up for another. We will head back up for a longer trail and rip our way down through the rocks roots and ruts weaving through teak trees and bamboo till we hit the bottom and stop for an iced coffee while we wait for the truck. By now, since these are long trails, it’ll probably be time for some lunch so we’ll hit up a local restaurant or food cart for noodle soup, Pad Thai, or maybe some barbeque, who knows, there are lots of options. The hardest part of the day is usually deciding what to have for lunch. Then it’s back up the hill for a few more laps and maybe grab some coffee from the plantations near Doi Suthep’s summit. The trails are super fun and pretty rugged. We like to keep the flow open to what the group can handle each day.  Typically the first day is exhausting as you adjust to the heat and the rocky steeps.

The city is a fun place to explore at night.  Your guides will not leave you hanging.  We are there for you every step of the way.  From trails to city streets we will share what we know to maximize your experience.  We will get the group organized and out on the town for all the best dinner spots and markets in Chiang Mai.  For those who want to meander from the group in the evening for their own exploration we will give you suggestions on where to explore.

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$1250.00 USD per person.

So whats included in?  5 Days of guided bike service on the mountain with US and Thai guides. Bike shuttles daily up the mountain. Accommodations are included during the dates of your tour. We are happy to arrange pickup from the various transportation hubs in Chiang Mai as you need when you arrive; be it the airport, bus or train station. Transit to and from the hotel is included so just let us know when and where you’re showing up and we’ll be there to pick you up.

So what if your wife/husband/girlfriend/etc doesn’t ride but you can’t just run off to Thailand without them, right? No worries. We got your back. We can hook them up with a company that runs custom day tours in and around Chiang Mai no matter what they are interested in seeing while you are off trying to refrain from finding out what Teak tastes like.


Packing Suggestions

There are two things you will absolutely need: A fully functioning downhill bike and a full face helmet. As long as you don’t forget either of those items you will get by and have a ton of fun. However, to make the best of it here is our suggested packing list for what to bring. Remember that almost all airlines have a 50lbs (23kg) weight limit per check bag so think light when you are packing  around a DH bike.

Bike Stuff:

  •  We recommend a full DH rig to make the most of the trails. Anything with a dual crown fork out front and plenty of squish out back will do great.
  • Hydration Pack cause it’s really hot.
  •  Multi tool
  •  Patch Kit
  •  Tire and Shock pump
  •  Make sure your brake pads are fresh or bring some spares. These are long descents.


It seems that there is no shame in how much armor people wear in Thailand. Even though it’s hot many of the locals look like they are headed to a riot when they ride so if body armor is your thing, bring it. These trails are rocky and technical so any trips off the bike have the potential to hurt.

  •  Full face helmet and knee pads at a minimum
  • Lightweight gloves
  • A lightweight jersey or two
  • Durable riding shorts
  • Good riding shoes
  • Goggles and a set of spare glasses

Personal items:

Bring enough comfortable clothes for after riding. There won’t be much need for anything warm but a pair of nice looking light pants is nice in case you want to go out for some classy dining or to any place with a dress code, which there are in Chiang Mai.

 How to get your bike to Thailand

There are several ways to potential get your bike to Thailand.

1. Pack it up in a bike bag such as the EVOC Bike Travel Bag (

2. See if your airline will let you check the bike without anything as some carriers do.

3. Dismantle your bike entirely and pack the frame into a suitcase and but your wheels into a separate box.

Shipping is also an option but probably the most risky for many reasons including: damage, theft, loss, delay so we really discourage it. The best options are to use a full bike travel bag such as an EVOC —bag or something of the like, you can check with your airline if they allow a bike as a check bag, or you can do a complete teardown of the bike and pack the frame into your suitcase in pieces and pack the wheels in a separate box. We’ve used the third method regularly but it does take a certain amount of confidence to dismantle all your bike’s suspension and a certain amount of patience to pack it up in such a way it won’t get damaged. The easiest safest and unfortunately expensive option is to get an EVOC bag but it guarantees your bike will get there all in one piece.

How do I reserve my DH Thailand Vacation

Currently the best way to reserve your trip and select dates is to email me via the contact link at the top of the site or call 866.461.2559.  We will be offering 5 Day Tours starting in November and running through January.  We are looking at possibly extending our dates into February if we have interest.

So don’t wait till winter sets in to decide you want to shred steep trails and get away from the cold.  Contact me now and we can get you all set for the adventure your looking for.

Mission Statement

DAT aims to provide a high quality, safe, and challenging trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand for some world class Downhill riding. To be sure that we can provide this it takes a fair bit of coordination between a lot of people. As a US based company we contract directly with local organizations in Chiang Mai to provide the services that will best help you have the experience of a lifetime. We are determined to make sure our presence brings maximum benefit to the locals We are determined to run trips in such a way that we are giving business to the locals in Chiang Mai and not taking away from their lively hoods. International biking trips are growing in popularity and we are stoked to be a part of helping sustainably grow the industry in Thailand. We sure wouldn’t be doing this if we were taking business away from locals or not making a contribution to the community in Chiang Mai.