Chiang Mai Thailand Bike Tours

We are currently getting our website put together and with all good things it takes a bit of time.  But we promise its coming.  We have been reluctant to set dates until the site launches.  Time for the waiting is over and we have set the date for the first tour and we just need excited downhiller’s to give me a call to reserve their spot.

Here are the dates you need to know:

Arrival in Chiang Mai November 13th. Check in to accommodations and get excited.

Ride Days: November 14 – 18.  Yep time to ride and rip trails.  Expect to have tons of fun and be tired every evening.

Checkout of accommodation November 19th.  Its always sad to say good bye.  But think of all the fun you had.

All right here is the deal.  We know the trails and we have the connections.  The Tour includes your accommodations during the tour dates, all shuttles and guides.  Yes we work with the local boys and they shred the trails everyday.  Not to worry Colin and I will be guiding all tours and will offer varying paces and technical levels.  Colin will handle the trail blazers and I will work with the less tenacious riders.

We have limited bikes available for rent and the tours are really setup for those whovwant to travel with their rigs.  We do have access to a handful of DH bikes and can setup rentals for an additional cost.

So whats the damage?  $1250 USD per person.  WHAT?  Yea its a crazy good deal and we just want to take you riding.

I am sure you have lots of questions and I would love to chat to you.  You can call me (Jason) and ask about the DH Thailand Tours. When you call you may here the voice on the other end answer, Discovery Sea Kayaks.  That’s the right number, we have two businesses and right now we are in the heart of our kayak season on San Juan Island in Wa state.  So give me a call and we can go over the details.  If you want to reserve we will take a 25% Deposit and that will get you on the books.

If you hate phone calls I can fill in the details via email as well.  Just send me an email.  CONTACT ME

That is all I have for now.  Get in touch.