San Juan Kayak Tour Season Is Here

For Discovery Sea Kayaks the San Juan kayak tour season is here.  Yea we know it is a bit early and people are still skiing in the mountains and lots of kids are still in school.  Plus the weather is not what one would call hot and sunny.  But all this does not mean we are not ready for you to come visit and go kayaking on San Juan Island.

Guides, including myself, have been traveling all winter enjoying personal explorations and adventures around the world.  But now they are starting to focus on the season.  Some guides have already returned to the island and more arriving in April.  Discovery Sea Kayaks starts up a bit earlier than most other companies on the island, so guides arrive a bit earlier as well.

So you might ask why Discovery starts so much earlier than other companies?  The simple answer, there is a demand for it.  Though not a huge demand, there are plenty of travelers visiting San Juan Island and want to get on the water.  We understand the travelers enjoy visiting areas that are usually packed with other travelers during the summer months on slower off season times.  These folks come for the slower and quieter atmosphere the early season has.  Discovery specializes in small groups tours so we have no problem taking a couple out for a Half Day or Full Day Kayak Tour or setting up custom larger groups that may want to get on the water.

One of the advantages being on a kayak tour in the early season is the lack of other boaters and kayakers.  Typically there is far less power boat traffic and very few kayakers.  So you have the feeling of solitude while being on a tour.  The beaches are less visited this time of year as well, so we often have the beach to ourselves when stopping for lunch during our Full Day Kayak Tour.

Wildlife viewing opportunities are still high.  Everyone is wondering if they will see the Southern Resident Killer Whales and there is a chance in encountering them.  Yes the odds are much less this time of year but it is not uncommon for the whales to travel the west side of San Juan Island in early spring.  There have been sightings this March already.  We have plenty of harbor seal, various beautiful sea birds and bald eagles we see along the route.

There is always a weather concern this time of season.  At times when the wind forecast is high we do have to cancel, but it is rare.  A lot of potential early spring travelers are worried about rain.  Well it is the Pacific Northwest  and rain is pretty common.  You will be dealing with precipitation if you are walking around town or on the water.  Plus we provide you with a waterproof jacket and waterproof pants, plus a dry bag for any items you have.  At the end of the tour you can simply hand over your wet pants and jacket and change into your warm and dry jacket.  Most people end up stating that being on the water in the rain was a great experience.  So do not let a bit of rain put you off.

The best way to reserve a tour this time of year is to give us a call.  We will answer any questions and concerns you may have.  From here we will set you up with your date and time of departure.  You can also reserve online, but this time of year we prefer you give us a call to ensure your reservation is completed.

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