Multi Day Kayak Tour List Of Open Dates

The follow are a list of the dates we still have room.

We offer two packages for multi day kayak tours.

The Deluxe package includes everything you need. Pack your personal clothing and a water bottle and you are set. We provide more equipment than any other outfitter on the island. This makes planning your kayak tour and travel to San Juan Island much easier. Our guides plan each route and customize every menu for each tour. Guides prepare fresh foods using the best ingredients. Camp meals will never be the same after this trip. We include all camping equipment from sleeping bag and pad to nice MSR tents.

The Basic package is best for those who have more experience camping and own all of their own camping equipment. You will also be responsible for your own meal plan and preparation. We will provide the same quality kayak equipment we use on the Deluxe package. Guides plan the kayak route and which islands you will be camping on. Once at camp you are responsible for setting up camp and any food preparation.

Please note if you have a group of 4 or more you can select any date on the calendar (Subject to Availability)

Dates: 3 Day Kayak Tours

  • July 1-3 Deluxe
  • July 11-13 Deluxe
  • July 14-16 Deluxe
  • July 18-20 Deluxe
  • July 19-21 Basic
  • July 25-27 Deluxe
  • August 1-3 Deluxe
  • August 1-3 Basic
  • August 15-17 Deluxe
  • August 18-20 Basic
  • August 22-24 Deluxe
  • August 29-31 Deluxe
  • September select any date

Dates: 5 Day Kayak Tours

  • July 7-11 Deluxe
  • July 21-25 Basic
  • August 4-8 Deluxe
  • August 13-17 Basic
  • August 18-22 Deluxe
  • September select any date