Why We Use Tandem Kayaks

Many times when people call or email about our San Juan Island kayak tours they ask about what kayak we use. Some are often surprised we use tandem sea kayaks. It is true we do not offer single kayaks to any of our guests on our kayak tours. The question we often get is, Why? … Continued

How To Get To San Juan Island Washington

Traveling to San Juan Island can get a bit overwhelming when planning your logistic from Seattle. Many people do not realize that the San Juan’s are located pretty far north of Seattle. So I have decided to write a small How To Get to San Juan Island post to help with your trips planning. Many … Continued

Multi Day Kayak Tours San Juan Island

Multi Day Kayak Tours The San Juan Islands present a unique opportunity for nature loves and outdoor enthusiast to kayak in some of the best whale watching waters in the world while camping on small remote islands. Over the years San Juan Island has grown not only as a place to see the famed Souther … Continued

Kayaking Tours and Your Safety

Recently there seems to be a lot of internet posting and articles about kayak safety and many in the sea kayak community being overtly safety conscious. I understand every individual is entitled to their opinion on safety and can choose to take as much risk as they wish, if willing to accept the outcome of … Continued

5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Sea Kayaking Company

Whether leaping through white waters on a rushing river, or rowing out on a tranquil sea, Kayaking has a rich history. More and more, people are choosing sea kayaking as a great way to exercise and reconnect with nature. When choosing your next sea kayaking adventure, you want to have the best experience possible.  Here … Continued