San Juan Kayak Tours and Expeditions

When it comes to kayak companies there are a lot of choices on San Juan Island. But when it comes to true professional kayak expedition and touring companies there are very few. We have worked hard to build our reputation as the best kayak tour company on San Juan Island. There are many factors that … Continued

San Juan Whale Watching and Kayak Tours

So far this season July has been the winning month to see orca whales on our San Juan kayak tours. Early in the season there were a good number of transient killer whales in the area but very few sightings of the Resident Killer Whales. But starting the first week of July we have had … Continued

Whale Watching San Juan Island

Lately we have been seeing orcas but the season started slow with few encounters from kayaks. Earlier in the season the resident killer whales were not visiting the are much but we had a lot of transient killer whales around. Though the transients were around we were not having as many encounters as the power … Continued

kayaking with orcas san juan island

2 Day and 3 Day San Juan Island Kayak Tours

Many people travel to San Juan Island to kayak, whale watch or bike. A portion of those travelers are here to join a multi-day kayak tour. Sea kayaks are prefect for longer outdoor excursions. With large storage compartments we can pack fresh foods and camp comforts. Stable and swift sea kayaks make travel in calm … Continued