San Juan Island Cycling Tours

San Juan Island Guided Cycling Tour Pricing and Dates at the bottom of page. Call for Reservations San Juan Island Island a popular cycling destination. We offer one day guided bike tours of the San Juans. We have selected the best riding destinations to provide the best experience. It is difficult to find a one … Continued

How To Get To San Juan Island Washington

Traveling to San Juan Island can get a bit overwhelming when planning your logistic from Seattle. Many people do not realize that the San Juan’s are located pretty far north of Seattle. So I have decided to write a small How To Get to San Juan Island post to help with your trips planning. Many … Continued

5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Sea Kayaking Company

Whether leaping through white waters on a rushing river, or rowing out on a tranquil sea, Kayaking has a rich history. More and more, people are choosing sea kayaking as a great way to exercise and reconnect with nature. When choosing your next sea kayaking adventure, you want to have the best experience possible.  Here … Continued

Hiking Tours San Juan Island

New Historical Hiking Tours! Hiking the San Juan Islands is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the area. If you are hiking with a local historian it is also an excellent way to immerse yourself in the fascinating human history of the islands. Join us for our inaugural year of San Juan … Continued

Cycling Destination: Roche Harbor (Bike Rentals)

Sightseeing San Juan Island by bicycle is a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you pedal five miles or fifty, there are plenty of stopping points well worth your time! If you’re headed to Roche Harbor, don’t miss one of the islands lesser-known hiking trails with excellent scenery and a bit of history!   When approaching … Continued

Ferry to DSK: A Short Self-Guided History Walk to Our Shop

San Juan Island is known for its abundant wildlife and natural beauty, but it is also a site rich with human history. By booking a kayak tour with Discovery Sea Kayaks, you will learn about the interesting past of the west side of the island where we paddle. Even a brief look into the past … Continued

Avoiding Cross-Chaining

Many of us have grown up riding bikes. We are familiar with the basics of pedaling, steering, and shifting, but may not live every day on a bicycle. So when we arrive somewhere with beautiful scenery and smooth roads that just BEG to be ridden on…somewhere like San Juan Island…renting a bike is a great … Continued

Mountain Bike Tours Chiang Mai Thailand

Discovery Sea Kayaks in launching a new phase of the business, Discovery Adventure Tours (DAT).  DAT will be focused on operating Downhill Mountain Bike Tours in Chiang Mai Thailand.   Guided 5 Day Downhill Mountain Bike Tours Chiang Mai Thailand   Have you ever wanted to check out warm destination for your winter riding?  Hate … Continued