Kayak Lessons

Pool Sessions

Discovery Sea Kayaks is working with San Juan Island Fitness Club to use the pool for Sea Kayak Lessons. With the use of the pool we can offer a more comfortable environment to get you started kayaking with all the tools to help keep you safe on your kayak journeys.



This the the beginning class that set the foundation for all following classes. The emphasis on wet exits while maintaining contact with kayak and paddle. Confident and calm wet exits are a must before you move onto other skills. Self Rescue techniques will be introduced at the end of class.


We start to work with balance with the kayak. Mounting the kayak from the water and successfully crawling about the kayak is a the start of learning self rescue skills. By the end of class competent self rescue should be achieved. At the end of class the hip snap (hip flick) will be introduced.


We will start by working on the hip flick in the preparation for bracing. Low Brace, High Recovery (Brace) and Sculling For Support will be the focus. By the end of class everyone should have the concepts of bracing. Bracing will require practice and Open Pool Session will be provided for practice.


Working on the braces for the first part of class and then to the beginnings of rolling. During class we will work on kayak rolling. Rolling is a rescue and bracing is a recovery. A recovery is always a first choice over a rescue. Kayak rolling is a self rescue tool, and will take practice. Be patient.

Private Instruction

For those looking for a more attention or cannot meet during our regular times for class. We can set up Private Kayak Instruction for a time other than our weekly scheduled times. Please Contact Us for prices and a time for your class.

Paddle Clinics

For those who have completed the classes or for those with require skills, on water Paddle Clinics will be held every other week. Paddle Clinics are designed to develop kayak handling skills. You will learn different paddle strokes that will enable you to maneuver your kayak in all directions. You will learn to blend strokes and use braces and will become comfortable in your kayak. Note: Paddle Clinics will not be in the pool.

Open Pool Sessions

This is the time for practice. Open session are set up for those who have had classes or have developed self rescue and rolling skills and want to practice in the pool. The sessions are supervised and helpful bits on knowledge will be available if requested.