2 Day Explorer Kayaking Tour

May 28th Departure Special: Call to Reserve. $350 per person.

Why Choose Discovery Sea Kayak For Your San Juan Island Kayak Tour

  • Quality Guides: You are assured to have one of the best-trained guides on San Juan Island.  All guides complete our in-house kayak skills training. All guides take a class at the local Whale Museum to be certified guides to operate accordingly around killer whales. Guides are all island Naturalists and very knowledgable on local wildlife and history.
  • Gear: We provide the most comprehensive gear set on the island.
  1. Mountain Safety Research (MSR) 3 Person tents for every 2 people.  We also have Single Person MSR Tent.
  2. Marmot Sleeping Bags, Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pads, and Pillows
  3. SealLine Dry Bags for all of your gear.
  4. Quality Fiberglass tandem kayaks.
  5. Washington State made Werner Paddles.
  6. Paddle Tops and Pants and more stuff than I can list.
  • Cuisine: Guides will prepare nutritional and flavorful meals.  From Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner we make sure you are happy and well fed.
  • Diverse Route Selection: We travel routes that offer you a taste of all the island beauty from West Side views along killer whale habitat to island hopping the East Side of the San Juan Island. Our goal is to provide you with an all round San Juan Island experience.

Dates 2017

May 12-14 | 16-17 | 28-29

June 6-7 | 10-11 | 13-14 | 17-18 | 20-21 | 24-25 | 27-28

July 2-3 | 10-11 | 17-18 | 24-25 | 31-August 1

August 7-8 | 14-15 | 21-22 | 28-29

Please contact us if your travel dates do not fall within the dates above.

The 2-Day Island Explorer Deluxe San Juan Island Tour is designed to give guests the experience of overnight camping in the San Juan Islands without the time commitment of our other multi-day sea kayaking adventures. There are multiple options for an overnight within striking distance of our launch sites on San Juan Island. With one night to relax and unwind at camp on one of our beautiful islands, this trip offers the perfect balance of time management and exploration. With two days of paddling, this tour is also a great option for individuals who may be concerned about the three or five days of sea kayaking involved on our other multi-day tours.

Make no mistake, while this is our shortest multi-day kayak tour, it is in no way inferior to the quality of our other guided adventures. On this 2-Day kayaking excursion, guests will be received with the same high-quality meals as prepared on our 3 and 5-day Deluxe tours. Discovery’s professional guides make guest’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment their top priorities. Expect to learn all about the rich human and natural history of the surrounding area, both while on the water and at camp.

The campsites utilized on this tour are all usually equipped with water, picnic tables, pit toilets, comfortable flat ground for pitching tents, and a variety of trails to explore. From start to finish, paddlers on this tour can expect to encounter many different species of wildlife native to the San Juan Islands. Orca whales, porpoises, harbor seals, and sea lions are all included in the list of marine mammals that kayakers may encounter on this tour. Meandering along rocky shorelines, PigeonGuillemotpaddlers are also likely to see and learn more about the many creatures that inhabit the intertidal zone. Sea stars, urchins, chitons, and barnacles are all part of a diverse ecosystem that Discovery guides are eager to inform guests about. Above the waterline, bald eagles, great blue herons, black oystercatchers, belted kingfishers, and more often pass by.

Want to experience a night camping in the San Juan Islands but short on time? Discovery’s 2-Day Island Explorer Deluxe is the tour for you! This fully-catered professionally guided sea kayak tour is sure to exceed your expectations.

Kayak Tour Includes

  • All Kayak Equipment
    • Werner Paddles
    • Dry Bags
    • PFD’s
    • Fiberglass Tandem Kayak
  • Kayak Clothing ( Paddle Pants and Paddle Top)
  • All Camping Equipment
    • Tents
    • Sleeping Bags with liner
    • Sleeping Pads
  • All Mess Kit Needs
    • Plates
    • Bowls
    • Utensils
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Wonderful meals prepared by your guide)
  • Highly Skilled Kayak Guide (Trained not only in the art of kayaking but also the San Juan Island ecosystem to provide you with the most recent information on the wildlife of the region.)


Day 1 (Check In Time 7:45am)

Meet at our store at 260 Spring St. in downtown Friday Harbor. Here you will meet your guide and discuss the kayak 10498430_727168053996988_3659129037041464821_oadventure ahead. You will have a chance to look at your route and this is a good time to voice any concerns you may have about the route. Dry Bags will be dispersed for you to pack your gear. Once all the gear is packed we will load into the Discovery Sea Kayak van and head to the beach. Kayaks will be packed with all gear at the beach and a safety talk will take place before getting on the water. Your guide will lead you on a full day of kayaking along beautiful shorelines and across channels to visit the shores of various islands. Lunch break will take place on one of many wonderful island beaches. You will end your day getting camp ready for a great night’s sleep in the outdoors. While you relax, your guide will be hard at work prepping foods for dinner. You can either walk the trails, take a nap, or simply enjoy camp.

Day 2 (Last Day, Return Time 2:30pm)IMG_2985

This is the last day of your adventure kayak tour. Once all the gear is packed and camp is checked for any gear hiding in the grass, back on the water we go! As you glide out onto the water for a day of kayaking along shorelines with Pacific Madrona trees don’t forget to look underwater for sea stars and other intertidal life. Moving through kelp beds look for crabs and small fish as they dart for cover. This being the last day, you will kayak to a location where the Discovery Sea Kayak van will pick you up, load gear and head for town. We try to get you back in town with time to catch any transportation (ferry, plane, etc.)  you have setup.

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Price: $420/person (+tax and fees)

Duration: 2 Days | 1 Night

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