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5 Day Kayak Tours are designed for those looking to travel more miles and camp in areas otherwise unreachable during our 3 Day Kayak Tours.

Our 5-Day Island Explorer Deluxe Tour is for the truly adventurous! With 5 days to explore the islands, we have the freedom to kayak each day or set a base camp and relax.  For those looking to add extra mileage to their vacation, 5 days of kayaking allows Discovery Sea Kayaks to develop a route that will take paddlers to more destinations for camping. Guests will encounter all the beauty the islands have to offer.  Explore the water’s edge from a kayak in search of sea stars, Orca Whales, Harbor Seals, Bald Eagles, Harbor Porpoise and much more.

With plenty of camp time, guests will have ample opportunity to take day hikes around the small islands we visit. Sit back and take in the rays of the setting sun and enjoy the company of your fellow kayakers.  Stay up late to view stars without city lights to drown out their brilliance. There may even be a chance to take a late night paddle with your guide to view the amazing bioluminescence of protected inlets.

Guides plan each trip based on the weather forecast and the tides.  With the experience our guides have they put together a plan that is set for adventure, wildlife viewing, and beautiful camping. Having five full days of travel also allows for plenty of adjustment should the group decide to spend more time on the water or simply base-camp for a day and soak up some well-earned rest on the beach.

This is truly an adventure to be remembered.  Gather your family or a group of friends and come out to take part in the experience.

Please check the gear list. This is an all inclusive kayak tour and Discovery Sea Kayaks provides more quality equipment than the average outfitter.

Dates 2016

August 1-5

Reservation for 5-day kayak tours are by inquiry only.

Please contact us with your travel dates.

Kayak Tour Includes

  • All Kayak Equipment
    • Werner Paddles
    • Dry Bags
    • PFD’s
    • Fiberglass Tandem Kayak
  • Kayak Clothing ( Paddle Pants and Paddle Top)
  • All Camping Equipment
    • Tents
    • Sleeping Bags with liner
    • Sleeping Pads
  • All Mess Kit Needs
    • Plates
    • Bowls
    • Utensils
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (Wonderful meals prepared by your guide)
  • Highly Skilled Kayak Guide (Trained not only in the art of kayaking but also the San Juan Island ecosystem to provide you with the most recent information about the wildlife of the region.)


Day 1 (Check In Time 7:45 AM)

Meet at our store at 260 Spring St. in downtown Friday Harbor. You will have a chance to look at your route. This is a good time to voice any concerns you may have about the route. Dry Bags will be dispersed for you to pack your gear. Once all the gear is packed we will load in the Discovery Sea Kayak van and head to the beach. Kayaks will be packed with all gear at the beach and a safety talk will take place before getting on the water. Your guide will lead you for a full day of kayaking along beautiful shorelines and across channels to visit the edges of various islands. Lunch break will take place on one of many wonderful island beaches. You will end your day getting camp ready for a great night’s sleep in the outdoors. While you relax your guide will be hard at work prepping food for dinner. You can walk the trails, take a nap, or simply enjoy camp.

Day 2 – You will wake to hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Your guide will be working to get breakfast on the table for everyone to enjoy. Over breakfast, your guide will discuss the options for the day. If you have decided to base camp or not, the paddle routes for the day will be drawn out for everyone to chat about. Whether base camping or setting out to a new destination, you will head out for the day for a kayak adventure. Search the tops of shoreline trees for perched eagles. Scan the water’s edge for seals, otters or a mink scampering for cover. Peer into the water to view sea stars, and crabs. While quietly meandering through kelp beds, check for fish or other wildlife that may be swimming below.

Day 3 – Time to pack the kayaks and head off in search of a new campground. Breakfast will once again serve as the time for your guide to discuss the day’s travel plans. Kayaks will be reloaded with all the gear and you will head out for the day’s expedition. Enjoy being close to nature and the water. Share laughs with the group as you paddle along and take photos. As you get to camp and get everything set for comfort, it is time to relax and wait for your guide to call you in for dinner. After dinner enjoys the company of everyone in camp over desserts and beverages.

Day 4 – Wake for breakfast and chat over the plans of the day. After a few days kayaking, you might want to take a minute to stretch out and get ready for the day’s paddle. The beauty of kayaking with Discovery Sea Kayaks is the variability of routes that we take. The guide’s knowledge of the area really adds to the flexibility of the adventures we can provide. So as you paddle out for the day please take notice in the care and time your guide has put in to make your adventure the best it can be. Take time to listen to all the information about the region and wildlife that your guide will share with you. Our guides take great passion in providing an amazing experience for everyone.

Day 5 (Last Day, Return Time 2:30 PM)

This is the last day of your adventure kayak tour. Once all the gear is packed and camp is checked for any gear hiding in the grass, back on the water we go! As you glide out on to the water for a day of kayaking along shorelines with Pacific Madrona trees, don’t forget to look underwater for sea stars and other inter tidal life. Moving through kelp beds look for crabs and small fish as they dart for cover. This being the last day, we kayak to a location where the Discovery Sea Kayaks van will pick you up, load gear and head for town. We try to get you back in town to catch any transportation (ferry, plane, etc.) off the island that you have set up.

Please contact us if you are looking for a tour in September or if you are looking for a tour date in 2018.

Rates & Departures

Price: $980/person (+tax and fees)

Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights

Cancellation Policy

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