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Discounts: Only one discount can be applied to a reservation. Promo Codes can only be applied at the time of reservation.

Any codes used without meeting the condition of the promotion will automatically be charged the balance due. 

Multi-Day Kayak Tour Discounts

The following companies offer Discovery Sea Kayak guests 10% off their services if you have a reservation for a kayak tour.

Western Prince Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours

If you have a reservation with Western Prince you can save 10% off your Kayak Tour with the Promo Code provided by the Western Prince office when you make your reservation.

Western Prince was the first company from the San Juan Islands to share the wonder of Orca whales with the public in 1986 and has continued to maintain the highest quality viewing experience with over 2500 tours to date. They have dedicated years to observing and understanding marine wildlife here in the San Juan Islands and their entire staff enjoys sharing their knowledge and insight with you.

Western Prince operates on a smaller scale with a personal touch, providing a superior tour while still showing our utmost respect for the whales and wildlife they encounter.

For more information on Western Prince Whale Watching please visit their website.