San Juan Island Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

3 Styles of bikes to choose from. Easy Downtown Location.

To learn more about our bike rentals head over to Discovery Adventure Tours. Easily reserve your bikes online. Bikes are located at our shop in the heart of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

When you arrive at our shop we will help plan a route that best fits your desires for the day or for the week. We offer rentals for 1 to 3 hours, a full day or for multiple days. Rentals include helmets, locks, tube repair kit and rear bike rack with a bag.

Everyone on staff is passionate about the outdoors and the San Juan Islands.

A bit about the bikes

  • Standard Bikes: (Flat Handlebars, Relaxed Ride Position) Perfect for exploring the islands. Plenty of gears to help navigate the hills around the islands. The upright riding position is perfect from riders of all skill levels.
  • Road Bikes: (Drop Handlebars Less Relaxed Rider Position)  If you are looking for a sportier ride around the island and familiar with brake lever shifters,  then the road bike is the choice for you. We use the Kona Rove with aluminum frames and a slightly wider tire for comfort on our chip seal roadways.
  • Electric Assist Bikes: (Flat Handlebars, Relaxed Ride Position) The most popular bikes in our fleet. Electric Assist Bikes are perfect if you want to tackle the hills much easier, enjoy more time at your destinations or simply just want a little extra help when you’re a bit tired. All of our E-Bikes are fitted with Bosch mid-drive motors known for reliability and quality.

All bike rentals include a flat repair kit, helmet, and locks.