San Juan Island Kayaking Tours

Kayaking Tours San Juan Island Washington State

Join Discovery Sea Kayaks for your San Juan Island kayaking tour vacation. Kayaking the San Juan Islands makes for a unique and adventurous vacation. With miles of shoreline to explore, the San Juans are the perfect destination for both novice and expert paddlers. Sea kayaking tours from Friday Harbor Washington provide visitors from all over the world with the opportunity to connect with nature and experience the stunning views of the Salish Sea.

Wildlife & Whales of the San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands are renowned for their immense biodiversity, and our tours are designed to provide you with the best opportunity for wildlife encounters. Experience the wonder of seeing Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, Porpoise, Humpback, Killer Whales (Orca), and more from the unique and intimate perspective of being on the water. Our tours operate within the heart of Southern Resident Killer Whale territory, giving you the best chance to see perhaps the most iconic marine animal of the Pacific Northwest.