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The best kayak guides on San Juan Island

The most important aspect of any kayak tour is your kayak guide

Here at Discovery, we have a strong core of seasoned, experienced guides. These individuals have worked hard for multiple seasons to build their knowledge of the area, develop their leadership skills, and grow as skilled kayakers. Our small company roots create an environment in which these guides can continually expand their potential by stepping into instructor roles for newer staff members.

New sea kayak guides that join the Discovery team have a lot of work ahead of them before they can lead tours. We have developed a rigorous in-house kayak training program that pushes each individual to reach his or her goals as a kayaker, a naturalist, and as a leader. Kayak training is a lengthy process that requires new staff to complete a series of weeks of on-water training on the sea. It is a cold and wet process we all love. Training also includes classes on the wildlife and the history of the area. Those who take to the lifestyle and are eager to increase their skills are sent to professional training classes and symposiums.

Our staff members are excellent naturalists with a wide array of knowledge regarding local wildlife and history.

All guides are certified through the State of Washington to operate kayak tours in the Orca Whale Recovery Zone along the west side of San Juan Island. We are proud to be stewards of the San Juans and enjoy helping to preserve the island’s history and natural resources.