Caleb Ishee

Since the early days of my childhood, I have been surrounded by an abundance of nature. I grew up on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and found a deep love for all varieties of life. After spending many summers and winters hiking and exploring the local forests, searching high and low for wild edible mushrooms and plants, I knew it had become time to move along and see what else was out there. I began to work seasonally in beautiful locations across the nation.

My first National Park was Yosemite in California.  It was also the first place I began to guide. I would take small groups deep into the woodlands to identify the wildlife and flora/fauna we would come across. I felt at home and purely at peace. It was at this point I knew that my life would ultimately lead towards guiding full-time. For the past decade, I had been relying on my culinary skills to make ends meet, but I had finally found my true passion; to explore beautiful places and to share that experience with anyone who would follow me.

I continued my seasonal adventures to many areas around the country, from Yosemite to Nantucket, from Alta to Glacier NP, and from Yellowstone to the US Virgin Islands. I am most recently coming from the Caribbean, where I was working as a sailing guide, kayaking/snorkeling guide, and private chef when I could find the time. Now that I have found my way up to the San Juan archipelago, I feel as if another chapter in my life has begun.

I am overcome with joy to have found employment with Discovery Sea Kayaks in Friday Harbor. Not only is this a dream destination to paddle and guide within, but this company truly cares about the experience of their clients and the knowledge/technical capabilities of their guides. I learned so much in my intense two-week training period. Understanding how to safely navigate these dynamic waters and also how to employ self and group rescue techniques has given me a tremendous amount of confidence while being humbled at the same time. I truly love to paddle these waters!

The San Juan archipelago is a very special place, but particularly, San Juan Island is in my opinion the focal point. We are surrounded by absolutely breathtaking beauty in every direction and have an abundance of marine life to entice a true sense of wonder. Every time I find myself paddling along the shore, I am smiling ear to ear, totally absorbed in the moment. Whether it’s for a half-day morning tour or a nighttime bioluminescent tour, It would be my pleasure to share that joy with you. Let’s take an adventure together!