Bioluminescence Tour

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Being on the water at night can be a special experience. The allure of the darkness and the still calm of the night really creates a setting that is hard to beat. The San Juan Islands have good tidal exchanges that develop highly nutrient rich bodies of water, creating an environment with a wide diversity of microorganisms. Some of which are bioluminescent. Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. In the San Juan Islands the organism most commonly emit a nice green burst of light. With the disturbance the kayaks and paddles make as we move across the water’s surface, these organisms give off a green sparkle of light. One of the main sources of bioluminescence in the San Juan’s is a dinoflagellate (a flagellated protist), Noctiluca. Noctiluca is a non-parasitic and non-toxic marine dinoflagellate common to the waters here. Some of the Jellies also emit light as well.

Come join us for a night of fun and one of nature’s most amazing light shows on our Bioluminescence Tour.


The above images are of images of Noctiluca through a microscope.


June 28 – July 10

July 28 – August 8

August 27 – August 31

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When you make your reservation we will email you the time to meet at our shop in downtown Friday Harbor. You can also Contact Us for times of departure. Each departure time will be slightly different as it will be based on sunset and moon rise. You should eat dinner before the tour as the tour will not be over before in town establishments close.

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