Kayaks For Sale

August 25, 2015

As we move into the fall we will start letting go of our fleet kayaks, singles and doubles. Here is a quick list of what we have.

Current Design Unity is a sporty fiberglass tandem kayak. These boats move fast and still offer a great amount of stability. It will pack great for short overnights and day tours, but will not hold the kitchen sink like the Current Design Libra XT. These boats are in great shape. We use them for certain tours we only run for a short part of the season. So they see less mileage than any other kayaks in our fleet. This is a great opportunity to save a bit of cash and get a performance tandem sea kayak.

Overall Length: 21′ 0″ (640.08cm)
Width: 26.00″ (66.04cm)
Depth: 13.00″ (33.02cm)
Cockpit Size:
Length: 33.00″ (83.82cm)
Width: 17.50″ (44.45cm)

Sale Price 2950 plus sales tax.

Current Design Libra XT is a fiberglass tandem kayak. They are great for anyone looking to do multi day trips to long days on the water. These kayaks have been in our fleet the last few seasons and are in great shape. Any repairs have been done professionally. We will have several of these for sell and will go first come first serve. We will take advanced deposits and you can pick up your kayak on Sept 14th. The price is for bare boat, we will have used equipment for sale.

Overall Length: 21′ 8″ (660.4cm)
Width: 32.00″ (81.28cm)
Depth: 15.75″ (40.005cm)
Cockpit Size:
Length: 31.50″ (80.01cm)
Width: 17.25″ (43.815cm)

Sale Price 2850.00 plus sales tax.

I only have 1 of these and the price does reflect they are a bit older. That said they have lots of life left in them. All repairs have been professionally done. They are both high performance fiberglass tandem kayaks. They are designed for whatever the sea can throw at them. Fast and stable, ready for expeditions. Perfect for long multi day tours and day tours. You can pack anything and everything you will ever need in these kayaks. The two I have left have been sitting for the past two season as back up boats for busy days.

Price is for bare boat. Sale price is 1500.00 plus sales tax.


The P&H Capella is a high performance single kayak designed for any condition. Stable and maneuverable it is great in dynamic water to calm water. We use the kayaks as guide boats. They are plastic and pretty much bomb proof. They are great for multi day tours to short half day tours. We only have a few of these and this is a great price for someone looking to get a performance sea kayak.Sold as bare boat additional cost for equipment. Sale price is 1000.00 plus sales tax.The Capella RM 160
Length: 16′ 4″
Width: 22″
Weight: 50lbs
Paddler weight: 110-230 lbsThe Capella RM 166
Length: 16′ 7″
Width: 22″
Weight: 54lbs
Paddler weight: 145-265 lbs

Please contact us to make an appointment to view the kayaks

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