Fall Kayaking on San Juan Island

September 8, 2015

Many people believe that after Labor Day Weekend San Juan Island closes down and the season is over. But September and October are two of the best months to visit the islands. Yes, it is true the weather is a bit less predictable with rain showers and wind looming in the forecast, but generally the rain lasts for a day or less. Sure things might open a bit later in the morning but there are plenty of shops and restaurants open and eager for business.

We offer a range of daily kayak tours through October. All offer opportunities to encounter orcas and other wildlife. Yes, September and October and can be great months for whale encounters. There always seems to be a belief out there that the orcas disappear with the summer, but they continue to travel the area throughout the fall months.

Moving into the post Labor Day season the town is less busy, with the savvy travelers taking advantage of the more mellow time of the season. Lodging availability tends to be much easier to come by and camping at San Juan County Park is less congested and amazingly beautiful in the fall.

We (Discovery Sea Kayaks) are still working and taking adventurous travelers on kayak tours. Enjoy time on the water with far less boat traffic and congested beaches than our summer months. Travel with our experience naturalist kayak guides in small groups and enjoy all the scenery and information about the area. All kayak tours include water proof jackets, pants and dry bags. The intensity of the summer months being behind us all the staff love being on the water with small groups in the fall months.

All of our rental bike fleet will still be available for rent. This is the golden time of year for biking. The cool days and reduced road traffic offer the best riding to some of the most scenic parts of the island. We also have a kayaking and biking special going on for the rest of the season. Reserve a Half Day, Full Day or Sunset Kayak Tour and receive 25% off our Cafe 24 Felt full day bike rental.

Don’t miss out on this amazing time of year! The island is amazing during the fall and the laid back pace of a small town is exactly what you want. Please contact us if you have any questions about our San Juan Kayak Tour or Bike Rentals on San Juan Island.

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