Kayaking the San Juan Islands

April 10, 2016

Kayaking has enjoyed a boom in popularity in recent years, as more and more people look to communewith nature in unique and experiential ways.  The San Juan Islands provide a home for this experiencelike none other. Not only are the San Juan Islands one of the most sought after spots for world classkayaking, but are also considered the best spot in the world to view killer whales, as the salmon runbrings them up the coast of Washington every year.At Discovery Sea Kayaks, our aim is to provide the best kayaking experience anywhere on the San JuanIslands.

We do this by having a variety of tours, limiting our tour size, increasing your chances of seeingwildlife, and offering you the most professional guides available.Our most wildly popular route is the half-day kayak tour. It was designed for people who want the sameamazing experience as our full day trip, but who want more time in the day to explore the beauty of SanJuan Island. The half day kayak tour takes a route on the west side of the island which borders adesignated killer whale habitat, ensuring the highest chances of a sighting for each outing.Some companies will toss you in a group of 20+ riders.  At Discovery Sea Kayaks, our tours are limited to8 riders. This is because we strive to create lasting memories and real connections to both our riders andto nature. If you are taking half the day to be with us, you deserve a personalized experience. We alsobelieve that by reducing the number of people we put in the water, we reduce the impact to oursurroundings.

If there was no nature around to appreciate, we wouldn’t have a tour to take you on atall!We pride ourselves on having the best staff on the island.  Our professionally trained kayak guides arehand selected professionals who want to help you create lasting memories. Each guide is also a trainedmarine naturalist who knows how to properly interact with wildlife. They also know where to find it -which is a big plus.If you are a proficient  kayaker, have your own equipment and simply want the added benefit of a proaround who knows the waters,  come on in! And if you can’t tell a kayak from a bobsled? Not a problem.We welcome all who are in good health to kayak. Our tours are for riders of all skill levels, and all theequipment you need is provided.

Our double kayaks give you the chance to share the experience with aloved one- and of course get the added bonus of having two paddlers.   After a short safety briefing andequipment check, you are gliding across the water into a dream.We will not say that we at Discovery Sea Kayaks offer the best tour on San Juan Island, because that isfor you to decide. What we will say is that we strive to offer an amazing and personalized kayakingexperience to every rider, every time. If you are on San Juan Islands and want a kayaking experience likeno other, give us a call.

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