San Juan Island Multi-Day Sea Kayak Tours

April 30, 2016

Discovery Sea Kayak Multi-Day Kayak Tours are about to kick off for the 2016 season! Looking for a longer San Juan Island adventure? Wanting to explore more than one island during your stay? This is the trip for you! Come join us for a fully-catered multi-day kayak tour and spend several nights camping on some of the smaller islands in the area. Experience all the San Juan Islands have to offer from sunrise to sunset and everything in between! This trip is the perfect vacation get-away, complete with scenic kayaking, wildlife encounters, beautiful island campsites, delicious meals, quality equipment, small group sizes, and professional guides.

Where we paddle:

Multi-Day Kayak Tours begin at our shop in downtown Friday Harbor. From our shop we shuttle to one of our two launch points depending on the selected routes which take into account tides, currents, and weather forecasts. San Juan County Park on the west side of the island is one of these locations. Although we normally use this location (Smallpox Bay) as our put in or take-out spot, the park itself has 20 campsites on 12 beautiful acres of elevated waterfront. Jackson Beach, located on the north side of Griffin Bay just outside of Friday Harbor, is our other launch/land spot. Easy water access close to parking makes this a great location when gear-moving is involved.

Once out on the water, paddlers on Multi-Day Kayak Tours get to experience contouring the beautiful shorelines of the San Juan Islands and examine closely the wide variety of inter-tidal life in the area. Unlike our Full and Half-Day Kayak Tours, this adventure takes participants across several channels between our other island destinations. Spieden Channel, San Juan Channel, and Mosquito Pass are some of the waterways exclusive to our Multi-Day tours that offer scenic views of the islands.

Where we camp:

Stuart Island: Stuart Island Marine State Park is part of the Cascadia Marine Trail. Two camping areas at Reed and Prevost harbor house 18 campsites, some set aside for human-powered craft (such as kayaks) only. There are 33,030 feet of shoreline within the park, as well as pleasantly wooded trails leading to the northwestern point of the island. Stuart Island was named in honor of Frederick D. Stuart, the captain’s clerk on the Wilkes Expedition in 1841. (

Jones Island: East of San Juan Island is Jones Island. This 188-acre island is a Marine State Park with 25,000 feet of shoreline and 4 miles of hiking trails connecting the north, south, and western sections of the island. Also named during the Wilkes Expedition in 1841, the island was named after Captain Jacob Jones of the U.S. Navy. (

(For more information on San Juan Island marine parks and campgrounds see


All of our Deluxe Multi-Day Kayak Tours are fully catered. Our professional guides prepare unique gourmet meal plans for every tour, taking into consideration any allergies or dietary restrictions. With quality cooking equipment and fresh ingredients, guides are responsible for preparing delicious and filling breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to keep paddlers energized and satisfied for the duration of their sea kayaking excursion.

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