Size Matters; 3 Reasons We Limit Kayak Group Size

May 11, 2016

Size Matters; 3 Reasons We Limit Kayak Group Size

Most for-profit businesses are overly concerned with just that-profit. At Discovery Sea Kayaks, we believe there are other things more important that turning a quick buck.  Instead, we concern ourselves with how we can best serve our customers and better protect the environment around us.

It naturally follows that taking care to limit our kayak group size as we paddle the San Juan Islands is of the utmost importance to us- for 3 main reasons.

Taking Care of the Environment

Our dedication to the planet comes first.  The San Juan Islands host some of the most beautiful views on earth. By reducing our group size to 8 kayakers at a time, we reduce the impact to the environment around us.

The natural wildlife is less disrupted by smaller groups. Kayaking in small numbers puts less stress on the natural environment, allowing us to experience the full wonder of the islands every time we start paddling.

The trails we walk are also less disturbed by small groups. The nesting birds and ground animals are more acquainted to small groups, and it puts less stress on their natural state to keep it that way.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

We want you to have the best kayaking tour possible. By limiting our group size, we can ensure that you are satisfied with your kayaking experience.

In big kayaking groups, it is easy to feel lost in the crowd. Whether you cannot hear the tour guide or there is not enough time to answer your question- a big kayaking tour can feel so impersonal.

At Discovery Sea Kayaks, when we paddle out from the San Juan Islands, we ensure our guests are catered to every step of the way. A professional and experienced guide is with you every moment. They are passionate about the rich history and wildlife of the San Juan Islands, and want to share everything they know with anyone who wants to listen.

The rich experience surrounding you is greatly enhanced by their knowledge, creating memories you will not soon forget.

Providing a Personalized Kayaking Experience

By keeping our group sizes small, we can also tailor-fit our kayaking tours to the changing needs of our customers. This is especially true of our multi day kayak adventures. In a large group, personalizing the route to make 25 people happy is nearly impossible.

At Discover Sea Kayaks, our small kayak tour size makes the experience familial. As a group, we all choose how to customize the experience to see the most of what you want to see. Whether your group would  like to spend extra time hiking and set up a base camp, or spend more time cruising the calm channel waters, our kayak tours are designed for you.

If you are looking to kayak the San Juan Islands, you are looking for Discovery Sea Kayaks. We have remained the top kayaking group on the San Juan Islands due to our dedication to our customers. Our passion for keeping the habitat enjoyable for generations to come fuels every decision we make. Book a kayaking tour now, and find out why Discover Sea Kayaks is the best company in the water.



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