San Juan Kayak Tours and Expeditions

July 28, 2016

When it comes to kayak companies there are a lot of choices on San Juan Island. But when it comes to true professional kayak expedition and touring companies there are very few. We have worked hard to build our reputation as the best kayak tour company on San Juan Island. There are many factors that set us apart from other companies in the region.


The first and most important aspect of being a true expedition and kayak tour company in an area where expectation for wildlife viewing can be high, is honesty. It is well known that during the summer months killer whales spend a lot of time around San Juan Island. For this reason many people travel to the islands to get on the water and have that magical encounter with orca whales. When you call or email we will provide you with the most recent sighting information we have and be up front if we have not been seeing whales. When we market our kayak tours we do not use misleading or inaccurate information. Providing our guest with the reality of working on the ocean and with wildlife that are not predictable.

540963_385346488179148_1702449610_nBeing a good steward for the environment and wildlife is paramount. There are many laws that are set to protect our local marine wildlife. Unfortunately there is little enforcement due to lack of revenue from various agencies. Many operators will take advantage of the lack of enforcement and disregard laws that are set as safe guards for the wildlife. Participants on kayak tours to San Juan Island should understand the laws are there to protect the animals that they came to enjoy. So obeying these laws should be priority and they should feel free to question their guide when they feel that laws are being broken. All laws pertaining to wildlife are required to be shared with all kayak guests departing San Juan Island. With laws in place we still have amazing encounters with wildlife while on the water.

Providing the best equipment for our tours is very important to our guests comfort. We offer quality fiberglass kayaks, Washington State made paddles and spray skirts. We continually to maintain our equipment to be in proper performance condition. All tours are provided with waterproof jackets and pants. Everyone gets their own dry bag to securely pack away any items for the day. We hands down offer not only the best equipment but the most equipment.

Our staff of professional kayak guides elevate our tours more than any other company on the island. We seek out mature career outdoor instructors. Choosing guides who are working in the industry as their profession and not just a summer job sets us far apart from the rest. All of our guides are highly skilled kayakers that continually work to hone their craft as a guide and kayaker. We work every year with new rescue techniques and improve on old ones. All guides are well rounded naturalist and educators that can provide you with the most recent information about our local wildlife and ecosystem.

kayak tour San Juan IslandKeeping our groups sizes smaller than other companies provides all of our guest better access to the guide, a safer environment and creates less impact on wildlife. I know it is hard to image but visualize arriving for your tour and there are 25 other guest departing with you. We limit all of our publicly marketed tours to 8 guests. Any tour we operate with more than 8 guests is by special request and we will provide adequate staff to maintain our goal of communication and safety. Small groups shine when it comes to getting on the water quicker so that we have more time on the water to explore.

To be the best we have to prove not only to you we are the best but also to ourselves. multi day kayak tours san juan islandWe feel where other companies fall short we excel. One of our strong points is organization and efficiency. We have years of experience preparing kayak tours from one day to multiple days. Being well organized, from preparation of equipment to the logistics of our tours, is something we take great pride in. From the time you arrive at our shop we will get you check-in and ready for your adventure. Your guide will transport you to the beach and once at the beach your guide works efficiently to prepare you for the tour without wasting time on shore. Logistically we try our best to depart at times that other companies do not so we have less congestion at the beach.

If you are looking for a company that believes in small kayak tour groups, quality equipment and the best staff in the business, then choose Discovery Sea Kayaks.

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