Shoppe Side

July 24, 2018

While the typical entries on our blog are updates from our guides about the cool experiences they and our guests are having out on the water, I thought a little insight about our downtown shop might be useful, too.

We are located on Spring Street, the main street of Friday Harbor’s shopping district, just a few blocks up from the ferry landing. Our shop is our hub – where people check-in for kayak tours, rent bikes, or pick out a locally designed t-shirt.

Jason, Zoe, and Sue (me) staff the shop (with help from the guides when they are in between trips), and we enjoy talking with our guests about what we love about our island. If you need a recommendation, whether it is about a bike route or a good place for coffee, we’ll be glad to help.

In our shop, we have our three different styles of bikes for rent (e-bikes, road bikes, and just our basic bike bike), lots of soft, locally designed t-shirts (including some designed by one of our guides), hats, sun glasses, Gecko waterproof phone totes and backpacks, stuffed animals (including crabs and octopi!) and more.

We hope to see you Shoppe Side soon!

Questions or comments? Phone us at or send an email to [email protected]. You can also visit our contact page and submit an inquiry via our contact form.