Multiple day kayak trips: A Getaway to the San Juan Islands

April 20, 2016

Multiple day kayak trips: A Getaway to the San Juan Islands

The adventurer within you needs expression.  You want to feel connected with nature, get a little bit lost, and find a new sense of yourself. At Discovery Sea Kayak, we understand that. It surrounds everything we do. The full majesty of the San Juan Islands can’t really be taken in all at once, in one day.

It is why we offer our multiple day kayak tours. When a half day tour or even our full day kayaking tour can’t quench your thirst for discovery, multiple day tours are packed with more of what you love.

More interaction

Our multi-day kayaking trips are either 3 or 5 days long, meaning more time to interact with wildlife. As you paddle along the shore of San Juan Island, keep your eyes peeled for Sea stars, Urchins, and other tidal life. Crossing channels between the islands is a great time to scan the tree line for perched eagles, and you might even see an otter splashing through the sea alongside you. Seals and Porpoises are often found playing in the clear waters surrounding the islands as well.

Our trained guides are as passionate about wildlife as the trees are! We have plenty to say about the natural life on the islands. Take notes if you can…but you probably need your hands for paddling. There is plenty of time to ask questions though!

More adventure

The guides who work with Discovery Sea Kayaks have a brilliant passion for what we do. Each of us spends time on the water a good majority of the year. We have learned every cove and inlet of the San Juan Islands, and are excited to show them off.

Even with a 5 day kayaking trip, discovering everything the Islands have to offer is a tough task. Working directly with your group, we will cater the trip to your needs, making room for exploration and adventure whenever possible. If you fall in love with a certain campground (which is very likely), we can set up a base camp and take nature hikes through the beautiful Pacific Madrones. Your guide will point out local vegetation and take you to different viewpoints on the trails.

More fun

When you don’t have to focus on what time the ferry leaves, where your meals are coming from, or what your next move is, stress and anxiety just slide off your shoulders. Letting us take care of the details, you are left with only one option- having fun! If seeing the spout of an orca in the distance doesn’t at least make you smile, then maybe taking a nighttime bioluminescence trip will kindle the spark in your eye. As you relax at camp, gazing up at those unfiltered stars, your guide is preparing a freshly cooked meal. Talk about dinner and a show!

The sea surrounding the San Juan Islands has so much to offer, we know how difficult it squeezes all of it into a one day trip. While our half day and full day kayaking trips are very thorough and give the same sense of adventure and exploration, Discovery Sea Kayaks Multi-day kayak tours are designed with one thing in mind: giving you more of what you love. Contact us today to reserve your spot!

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