5 Day San Juan Island Kayak Camping Tours

Adventure, Exploration and Wildlife

We are done taking reservations for 5 Day Tours for 2022. Please see our 2 and 3 Day Kayak Tour options.

5 Day Kayak Tours are designed for those looking to travel more miles and camp in areas otherwise unreachable during our 2 and 3 Day Kayak Tours. With 5 days to explore the islands, we have the freedom to kayak each day or set a base camp and relax. Guests will have ample opportunity to take day hikes around the small islands we visit and encounter all the beauty this area has to offer.

Each evening, sit back and take in the rays of the setting sun and enjoy the company of your fellow kayakers.  Stay up late to view stars without city lights to drown out their brilliance. There may even be a chance to take a late night paddle with your guide to view the amazing bioluminescence of protected inlets. Our guides plan each 5 Day Kayak Tour with a focus on adventure, wildlife viewing, beautiful camping, and unforgettable meals. This is truly an adventure to be remembered.  Gather your family or a group of friends and come out to take part in the experience.

Gourmet Camp Cuisine

One of the many reasons to choose our multi-day kayak adventures is the food. Guides develop custom menus for each kayak tour. We utilize as many local ingredients as possible when preparing meals. If we are unable to harvest what we need from our organic garden we will shop at our local farmers market to find quality produce. Our staff will prepare each meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 1: Lunch and Dinner

Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 4: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 5: Breakfast and Lunch


We go the extra mile when it comes to the equipment we use. All camping equipment is in excellent condition. Tents are spacious with plenty of room to stretch out in the evenings. Warm Marmot sleepings bags paired with comfortable Therm-A-Rest sleeping pads and camp pillows make for a great night’s rest.  Enjoy traveling in fiberglass kayaks with lightweight Werner Paddles. Provided Seal Line dry bags will keep all of your belongings nice and dry. We select our equipment with care and put it to the test. Only the best is selected for our tours.


The campsites we utilized on the five-day kayak tour are all typically equipped with water, picnic tables, pit toilets, comfortable flat ground for pitching tents, and a variety of trails to explore. All of the island campsites are maintained by Washington State Parks. Camps do NOT have showers or electricity.

Each island we camp has its own charm and character. Jones Island offers some of the most beautiful campsites with amazing sunsets and great hiking. Stuart Island has tucked away campsites protected in a deep bay that provide great opportunities to see feeding Osprey as harbor seals patrol the area searching for fish. Enjoy a hike through the countryside to one of the best sunset spots in the San Juan Islands. Other islands we may reach on the five-day tour include Sucia, Matia, Patos, Clark, Orcas, and more. You can expect a unique and memorable adventure on each of the islands we reach.


Discovery kayak guides are highly skilled kayakers with strong naturalist (wildlife education) and history backgrounds. Not only are they skilled on the water, they take care of you at camp. All of our guides go through an extensive training period that requires a high level of dedication to complete. We spend long days on the water training to gain all the skills necessary to be a professional kayak guide. Off the water, we spend a lot of time in a classroom setting learning all the details of expedition planning, island history, the dynamics of the ocean waterways, and the animals and organisms that make up the complex island ecosystem. Multiday guides are also responsible for planning, prepping, and cooking each gourmet meal in the field. From freshly brewed coffee with a hearty breakfast in the morning, to delicious and filling dinners, rest assured your guide has thought of it all.

Why Choose Discovery Sea Kayak For Your San Juan Island Kayak Tour

  • Best Value on San Juan Island. No need to go out and buy a lot of new gear, we have you covered. No hidden rental fees, camp fees or launch fees, everything is included.
  • Kayak Guides: We assure you, you will have one of the best-trained and knowledgeable guides on San Juan Island.
  • Small Groups: We operate with a small group of guests to ensure the quality of each tour.
  • The Equipment: We always have you covered. Top of the line camping and kayaking equipment provided. To top it off we provide everything you need for camping included in the tour cost. No equipment rental fees!
  • The Food: As mentioned earlier we custom design all menus for each tour. We source produce from our own organic garden, local farmers, and farmers market.
  • Route Selection: We travel routes that best showcase the San Juan Islands and provide excellent whale watching opportunities.
  • No Hype: We believe in honesty and integrity. Give us a call or email if you need help with deciding what tour is best for you.
  • Last but not least: Impeccable reputation on TripAdvisor and YELP

We Provide

  • Sea Kayak Guide
  • Kayak Instruction
  • Tandem Kayaks and Paddles
  • Life Vest (PFD) and Spray Skirts
  • 1 10L Dry Bag and 1 20L Dry Bag
  • Waterproof Jacket and Pants (for paddling)
  • Tents (MSR 3 person tent for 2 guests)
  • Marmot Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pad and Pillow
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Plates, Bowls, and Utensils

You Provide

  • Water Shoes
  • Non-Cotton Clothing
  • 2 Short and 2 Long Sleeve Top
  • Base Layers (Long Underwear)
  • Quick Dry Pants
  • Shorts (Summer Season)
  • Hat and Beanie
  • Rain Jacket and Pants (for camp)
  • Light Fleece Gloves (Spring and Fall)
  • Fleece Jacket and Pants (Spring and Fall)
  • 2 Pair Wool Socks
  • Light Hiking Shoe
  • Follow Link Below for More Details
Style:Nature, Wildlife & Exploration
Location:San Juan Islands
Duration:5 Days / 4 Nights
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Activity:Average to Moderate
Restriction:16 Years Min / 250 Pounds Max

Tour Dates

Reservation By Request: Minimum of 4 for Reservation
August 23rd 2020 (3 Spots Left, Call)

5 Day San Juan Island Kayak Camping Tours Testimonial

I just returned from a 5-day kayaking and camping trip on the San Juan Islands in Washington State with Chad, a guide with Discovery Sea Kayaks. It was epic!! Chad was an expert at many things: navigating the complex winds and currents, securing the best campsites with gorgeous views, coaching us in the most efficient rowing techniques, preparing and cooking 3 meals a day for six hungry Pohl brothers, keeping us wayward boys (ages 58 to 68) in line, explaining the habits of Orca (killer whales), sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, and multiple bird and fish species (all of which we saw on this trip!) And generally being damn good company.

Colin (TripAdvisor)

Route & Itinerary

We use our extensive experience of the San Juan Islands to custom plan each route. Guides will factor in wind, tides, and currents to determine the safest and best route. We balance all factors to provide the best camping and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Day 1

  • Check-in Time: 7:45 AM
  • Location: Discovery Sea Kayaks shop, 260 Spring St. Friday Harbor, Washington.
  • Pack Dry Bags (if dry bags were not picked up the night before)
  • Meet and Greet with kayak guide and guests.
  • The guide will cover trip and travel plan.
  • Depart for launch location

From our launch location, kayaks will be packed with all the gear and a safety talk will take place before getting on the water. Your guide will lead you for a full day of kayaking along beautiful shorelines and across channels to visit the edges of various islands. Lunch break will take place on one of many wonderful island beaches. You will end your day getting camp ready for a great night’s sleep in the outdoors. While you relax your guide will be hard at work prepping food for dinner. You can walk the trails, take a nap, or simply enjoy camp.

Day 2

You will wake to hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Your guide will be working to get breakfast on the table for everyone to enjoy. Over breakfast, your guide will discuss the options for the day. If you have decided to base camp or not, the paddle routes for the day will be drawn out for everyone to chat about. Whether base camping or setting out to a new destination, you will head out for the day for a kayak adventure. Search the tops of shoreline trees for perched eagles. Scan the water’s edge for seals, otters or a mink scampering for cover. Peer into the water to view sea stars, and crabs. While quietly meandering through kelp beds, check for fish or other wildlife that may be swimming below.

Day 3

Time to pack the kayaks and head off in search of a new campground. Breakfast will once again serve as the time for your guide to discuss the day’s travel plans. Kayaks will be reloaded with all the gear and you will head out for the day’s expedition. Enjoy being close to nature and the water. Share laughs with the group as you paddle along and take photos. As you get to camp and get everything set for comfort, it is time to relax and wait for your guide to call you in for dinner. After dinner enjoy the company of everyone in camp over desserts and beverages.

Day 4

Wake for breakfast and chat over the plans of the day. After a few days kayaking, you might want to take a minute to stretch out and get ready for the day’s paddle. The beauty of kayaking with Discovery Sea Kayaks is the variability of routes that we take. The guide’s knowledge of the area really adds to the flexibility of the adventures we can provide. So as you paddle out for the day please take notice in the care and time your guide has put in to make your adventure the best it can be. Take time to listen to all the information about the region and wildlife that your guide will share with you. Our guides take great passion in providing an amazing experience for everyone.

Day 5

This is the last day of your adventure kayak tour. Once all the gear is packed and camp is checked for any gear hiding in the grass, back on the water we go! As you glide out onto the water for a day of kayaking along shorelines with Pacific Madrona trees, don’t forget to look underwater for sea stars and other intertidal life. Moving through kelp beds, look for crabs and small fish as they dart for cover. This being the last day, we kayak to a location on San Juan Island where the Discovery Sea Kayaks van will pick you up, load gear and head for town. We arrive back in downtown Friday Harbor at an estimated time of 2:30 PM.

Wildlife & Weather


San Juan Island is home to a wide variety of amazing wildlife:

  • Southern Resident Killer Whales: Salmon eating whales commonly seen June through mid-October.
  • Transient Killer Whales: Marine mammal-eating whales may be seen throughout the year.
  • Baleen Whales: Humpback Whales and Minke Whales.
  • Porpoise: Harbor and Dalls porpoise are encountered year round.
  • Harbor Seals, California Sea Lions, and Stellar Sea Lions: Fairly Common in these areas.
  • River Otters: More elusive but seen any time of year. Most sightings are early morning or late afternoon.
  • Bald Eagles: San Juan Island hosts a healthy population of Bald Eagles with many nesting sites.

Every day is different and we can encounter other species of whales, seals, porpoise, and birds not listed above.


Early Season: Spring weather on San Juan is typically cool with daytime temperatures ranging from the low 50’s F to the mid 60’s F. Expect partly cloudy skies with light breezes to windy conditions.

Summer Season: San Juan Island can have some of the most pleasant summer weather. With half the annual rainfall of the Seattle area, San Juan is typically dry all summer. Temperatures range from upper 60’s F to the mid 80’s F. Skies are usually blue and clear, great for evening star gazing.

Late Season: Fall can be one of the best times to visit San Juan. The days become cooler, ranging from the low 50’s F to the mid 60’s F. Winds can be light to moderate depending on the current weather systems.

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