5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Sea Kayaking Company

June 1, 2016

Whether leaping through white waters on a rushing river, or rowing out on a tranquil sea, Kayaking has a rich history. More and more, people are choosing sea kayaking as a great way to exercise and reconnect with nature.

When choosing your next sea kayaking adventure, you want to have the best experience possible.  Here are five tips to picking the perfect sea kayaking company for your next tour.


A lot of the joy of kayaking comes from where you are doing it. Choose a location based on your interests. Would you like to simply paddle into an open sea for hours on end? It is fun for a while, and great exercise, but what is there to keep your attention? If you are like us, you like more of a hands-on experience, surrounded by nature and wildlife. And who wouldn’t?

Look for a location which will satisfy all the senses. The San Juan Islands are a great example, as they provide the excitement of sea paddling, and blend it with breathtaking views and awe-inspiring wildlife.

Small Group size

When looking for the right fit, it is also important to pay attention to the group size of the tour. Tours that are too large tend to make paddlers feel out of place. There are too many people for the guide to pay attention to, which leaves you with a less personalized experience.  Plus, all those paddles in the water can scare away the wildlife.  These are some of the reasons we keep our kayak tour size small. A small group size allows for the best experience on kayak tour.

Route Customization

It is sad to see what happens when a guide has done the exact same route and speech one thousand times through. There is a certain robotic tone in their voice, as if they are not enjoying their time at all. It’s a shame, because kayaking the San Juan Islands is breathtaking every time you hit the water. Your guide should have the ability to adjust some of your route in order to suit the needs of the group. In doing so, they break the monotony, and get to enjoy a new experience right alongside you!

Knowledgeable Guides

When looking for the perfect kayaking experience, having a guide who knows the water is almost as important as having a paddle! A good guide will be a good leader and organizer. They will be CPR and first aid certified, and trained in kayak technique and rescue.  But the greatest guides, such as the guides at Discovery Sea Kayaks, are also trained naturalists. These guides will enhance your experience, pointing out wildlife, optimizing your route, and answering any questions about the area you may have.

Environmental Awareness

It is important that the company you choose thinks towards the future. Taking care of the environment in which we live and play should be of the utmost importance to anyone, and especially a sea kayaking company. Sticking to trails, taking care of campsites and waterways, and being a respectful visitor to the surrounding wildlife are all practices every person on the water can adopt. Seek companies out who pay close attention to sustainable practices like these in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

The best sea kayaking companies will have all of these important aspects, and one more- fun! At Discovery Sea Kayaks, we are sure to have fun every time we hit the water. If you are yearning to discover the joy of kayaking the San Juan Islands with us, schedule your kayaking tour today!

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