Ellie Wangerin

My first introduction to kayaking was my freshman year of college when I stumbled into the Outdoor Recreation program. However my love of the ocean started much earlier, there is nothing better than rolling down a car window to smell the salt in the air. Since I discovered Sea Kayaking, I’ve taken every chance I could get to go paddling. If you’re allowed to put a boat in the water, then I can guarantee I want to go paddle there. I am constantly looking for new challenges to try and ways to improve my skills.

I joined Discovery Sea Kayaks as a guide in 2021. My favorite part of the job has to be helping people expand their comfort zones, learn new skills, and get a new perspective of the coastline. There is something pretty amazing about looking through the water to see all the life living on the rocks and in the kelp. And it’s just as amazing to see people discover it for the first time. I graduated with a degree in History and Sociology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, so be prepared for some fun (at least to me) conversations about the islands’ natural and human history!